Convenient and Secure Hunting Cabins

Convenient and Secure Hunting Cabins

Deer camp, duck huts, fishing shacks. Whatever you call them, hunting and fishing cabins built from a shipping container is a practical option, even if all you do is take your bow for a walk!


If you are thinking about a more permanent shelter or storage solution on your hunting property, a shipping container makes great choice. Imagine coming in from a day of fishing and waiting for you isn’t a tent or camper, but your very own recliner and bed. You can easily build a shipping container hunting cabin that fits your needs and what you want from your outdoors experience. If you want a simple shelter with a generator and seasonal storage, you can build it from a shipping container. If you want a more comfortable experience with heat, electricity and plumbing, just look for a shipping container. The options are only limited by your imagination. Deer Gear has a gallery of 15 shipping container cabins, take a look and start imagining what your future cabin will look like!


If you were a criminal with intentions to steal or vandalize property, would you choose to break into the metal box with no visible windows or doors, or the wooden cabin with single pain glass and a deadbolt door? While a shipping container cabin is not impenetrable, design options allow for more security features than a traditional cabin. For example, windows and doors can be secured behind the existing or created doors of the container. This means that it can be much more difficult to break into a shipping container (unless burglars in your area carry blow torches).

Not only do shipping containers keep burglars at bay, they are also secure against the elements. They are water tight and meant to withstand the rough and tumble conditions of ocean crossings.  If they can survive constant bombardment from the elements in the open ocean, they can withstand the unique weather elements at your property.


With a truck and crane, your shipping container cabin can be located just as close to prime hunting grounds as a tent or camper. The Elma Container Cabin, for example, is located less than five miles from two waterfowl hunt-by-reservation sites, less than 15 miles from a register-to-hunt waterfowl site, and less than 10 miles from a pheasant release site (with over 620 acres to hunt on!).

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has a website, called GoHunt, where you can explore hunting locations state wide, review hunting stats and find game release sites. Type in any city, address or zip code and then choose small game, big game, waterfowl, or view it all on the interactive map that will automatically center on the location used. Additionally, there are visual maps showing hunting stats for nine types of game.

If you are ready to create your own hunting cabin from a shipping container, check out Rugged Cabin and American Pride Industries. Both companies design functional cabins with a wide range of conveniences. If you are unsure where to start and are looking for someone who has gone through the building process, contact Jeff and Jessica.

Photo credit: USFWS/Ryan Hagarty, view the license here.

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