Lake Sylvia and Schafer State Parks

For the lovers or nature and adventure, there are two state parks located minutes away from the cabin in Elma: the Lake Sylvia and Schafer State Parks. Driving from the cabin to these places is an experience enough because it offers such an amazing view perfect for rejuvenation and relaxation.

Lake Sylvia

Lake Sylvia State Park is located on the Northern side of Montesano and is just 20 to 30 minutes away West of the cabin.

The park encompasses 233 acre of land for camping park and 15,000 feet of freshwater shoreline. Going on a trip here means spending the day enjoying what nature has to offer. Families can go fishing, camping, boating, sight seeing, and even have a day time picnic. It is a home to various species of birds and sea life, and even bears, deer, and bobcats and it also has a sprawling area full of various species of plant life, which kids and adults alike may enjoy. The park is open year round and most visitors love it because it is well maintained with clean facilities. It even has a sandy beach where kids can go swimming.

While going to Lake Sylvia, you can enjoy the warm feel of the city Montesano and its many restaurants and bars that caters to almost everyone.

Schafer State Parks

Schafer State Park is located in the Satsop Hills, approximately 33 minutes from the cabin. It is a 119-acre camping park that sits on the bank of Satsop River, midway between Olympia and Aberdeen. Fishing is one of the most favorite activities here. Swimming is permitted as well in the river so the place is perfect for some cooling down and relaxation. There are plenty of wildlife species in the park as well.

The park is also well maintained with picnic area and fire pits near the river, with such a nice view. It’s a good place for relaxation during ordinary days but can get crowded during summer.

Schafer State Park is open all year round.

Elma Shipping Container Vacation Rental

The Elma shipping container cabin offers a new and exciting option for a vacation stay. It’s proximity to tourist destinations and other key places of interest makes it a good choice. It’s like living in the woods while having access to the town of Elma, great restaurants, and medical facilities.

The shipping container cabin has a modern cozy interior that welcomes you warmly after a day of touring nearby attractions or hiking through the forest. It is available for reservations all year round with a minimum of 2 night stay. The cabin is situated in the middle of a 10-acre forest. There are nearby banks, hospitals, bars, restaurants, casinos, and an incomplete nuclear facility-turned-business park

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