Olympia & State Capital

Olympia, the state capital of Washington State, is located about 30 minutes away, East of the cabin. This nearby city provide places of interests that the whole family can enjoy. Aside from family-friendly activities and places,  Olympia is also one of the best cities to visit for history buffs because of the capital mall, museums, and educational tours in the area.

Visiting Olympia

While the cabin served as an ultimate place of relaxation right in the heart of the woods, away from the city, there are a lot of things to see and do in the area. Olympia is an interesting city full of places to explore. A 30 minutes drive, plus or minus the traffic, will welcome you to a mid-sized, compact, and charming city with a warm, small-town feel. There are a lot of hotels, restaurants, and casinos in the area in which you could stay, in case a one-day trip is not enough to accommodate your itinerary. Kids and kids at heart will enjoy the museums and parks but there are also a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy.

We specifically recommend the Hands On Children’s Museum.

Key Destinations in the State Capital

You can go catch a movie at the swanky and affordable Cinemark Century Olympia where you reserve specific leather reclining seats. Definitely an experience if you haven’t done that before (If you would like to hit the drive-in you should check out the Skyline in nearby Shelton).

It is a must to take a tour around the Washington State Capitol. Its huge dome is visible upon entering the city of Olympia. Visitors can stroll around the ground and there is a free guided tours for the public daily. About three minutes walk from the Capital is the Washington State Capital Museum that features informative facts about the city and the Native American History.

For those who are on tour with their kids, it’s best to drop by The Hands On Children’s Museum. It has interactive galleries that both parents and kids (even infants) will enjoy. Olympia Flight Museum is an interesting place quite as well with its heritage planes and helicopters on display.

Percival Landing Park, located right at the city is Olympia’s most popular waterfront park. It has about 3.38 acres of space that has picnic areas, boat moorage, picnic areas, playgrounds, and board walk.

Also consider stopping by the Farmers Market. Here, you can see a lot of organic food options from small farmers and producers. Perfect for those who are into healthy living plus, it promotes local agriculture too. The place has been around for about 40 years and it is also right in the city.

The Cabin in Elma

If you’re in Olympia on business or visiting family you can consider the amazing experience of staying in our cabin build from two 40′ shipping containers. You get all the comforts of home, a very private location, and easy access to Olympia and the government facilities there.

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