Shipping Container Cabin Basics

What Is A Shipping Container Cabin?

A shipping container cabin is just that, a cabin made from one or more shipping containers! These are the same shipping containers that go around the world on the back of cargo ships. Bought new or used, they can be re-purposed as living space. Many companies, including Montainer and Rhino Cubed, specialize in building shipping containers into beautiful and functional living spaces. Just like a conventional home, container cabins are fitted with electricity, insulation, floors, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. While many container cabins are used as hunting or vacation homes, there is no reason why a container cabin cannot be used as a full time home.

Design & Style

When it comes to design and style, container cabins can be very basic, eclectic, or modern architectural masterpieces. A single container has its own unique look. A corrugated steel rectangle, finished in any variety of colors can complement an existing home or blend in to a forest. There are a variety of standard sizes of shipping containers that add to the design possibilities. Common sizing is 20 to 40 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet to 10 feet 6 inches high. Foundation options even have their own unique look and include stem walled, concrete piers and diamond piers.

When combined or stacked, shipping container architecture is in a class all its own. In Denver, innovative homeowners built a 7 bedroom, 5 bathroom dream home from 9 shipping containers. While the look is unique, it blends with today’s urban architecture trends. See photos and read an article from the Denver Post about the home here.

Strength & Security

Compared to a conventional home, containers cabins can offer a higher level of strength and security. Shipping containers are built to withstand heavy use and constant exposure to sea spray and the elements. This strength in design can be a benefit to homeowners looking for building options in harsh climates. Additionally, with little or no wood used in the framing and construction of the home, it is harder for fire, wind and rain to damage the exterior of a shipping container.

As far as security goes, while a shipping container is by no means impenetrable, it is easy to incorporate design elements that make a container cabin more secure. Many designs feature swing-out and sliding steel coverings over windows and doors. Not only is this an added measure to protect the cabin from the elements, it also means that the container can be completely locked up. Just like any home, a container cabin is an investment. The inherent strength and security features of this type of building make it easier to protect your investment and enjoy it for years.

Container cabins are a unique way to add a home to your property. They can add panache in an urban setting, and get your neighbors talking, or they can blend in with their surroundings on hunting property. A container home is a secure option for a vacation home on the beach, in the forest, or the mountains. They stand up to the elements and are infinitely customizable. For more information about the process of building a container cabin from design to foundations, check out the rest of this blog!

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